The Importance of Ending the Practice of Daylight Saving Time


The daylight saving time practice is carried out in several parts of the world. Those how have to endure it report quite loudly and frequently of its negative effects on their lives. Most of them wonder why it is still practised in this day and age when there are no clear benefits it affords them in their lives.


End daylight savings time petition involves the addition or subtraction of an hour in the length of a day, depending on the season of the year. It is carried out twice in a year. It is speculated that it was introduced in the past as a way of conserving coal during the world wars. The countries in Europe and the United States are the ones who mostly follow this tradition. Asia and African countries saw no need to adopt the practice. The countries far north face unique daytime and nighttime shifts to even bother with daylight saving time. After the wars and their accompanying conditions dissipated, most of the industries adopted and promoted it to get more people involved in outdoor activities where they would utilise their products.


Currently, there are no cases of how End Daylight Saving Time helps reduce energy consumption. What is prevalent is the rise in effects on health when we shift our sleeping and waking up patterns. The body needs some form of consistency when it comes to sleeping and waking up times. These have proven detrimental to our wellbeing. An hour may seem like not too much, but its effects are far-reaching.


There have been reported more cases of car crashes. The week when the shift occurs, there are reported more cases of traffic accidents, before it settled back to normal levels. Apart from this, there are more workplace injuries due to the shift. People will be hurt, who will need medical attention. The work will also suffer, on account of all those who are absent due to injuries. The stock market also suffers, since the traders are not fully focused while working, due to sleep deprivation. Get more facts about daylight savings at

There are more reported cases of heart attacks, due to increased stress and imbalances in your nervous system makeup. When there are longer night hours, people tend to have fewer instances of heart attacks. This stresses the importance of quality and the right amount of sleep. You will also notice your colleagues are more stressed out and not the best company. The same affects judges all over the country, who will find it easy to give the harshest prison terms to felons. The effects of the shifts are also witnessed on women who are undergoing artificial fertilization procedures, where their processes fail more during the week off after the shift. Fertility is affected by stress and sleep deprivation. 


This is evidently a practice that has so little positive impact that it is not justified to continue being in existence, something needs to be done to stop it completely.