What Has Resulted in the Daylight Saving Petition


With the Daylight Saving Time, the standard time of the clock is normally changed so that the energy can be saved by the increase enabling the increase in the use of the sunlight to the maximum. What are lead to the Daylight Saving petition is the disadvantages that the Daylight Saving Time has. There is a group of people has seen it worth the Daylight Saving Time to be ended. There are those people that are still supporting the Daylight Saving Time idea hence they are against the petition. These are the people who are seeing the positive side of the End Daylight Saving Time. Below are some of the disadvantages that have resulted in the Daylight Saving petition.


One of the disadvantages is on the transport and the travel. The transport and the travel sector has been negatively affected by the Daylight Saving Time hence the travelers end up being confused. With the Daylight Saving Time, you find that your city is using the Daylight Saving Time but the neighboring one is using the standard time this results in a big confusion. The public transport, for instance, the airlines, and the railways have no capability of standardizing the time.


The second disadvantage is on the businesses. There is the decrease in the human work efficiency and this is the daily complaint in the business sector. When the change occurs, during the first month there are a lot of complains from the business people. Also, the livestock is affected by the change in a big way for it is not possible for them to adjust to the changes in time. The livestock cannot understand the changes because they have no ability to. Discover more facts about daylight savings at


There is also another disadvantage of the religion. Most of the religions use the time so that they can remember about the events they should hold at a certain time of the year. The Daylight Saving Time has failed them because with the change they cannot tell what time it is and what they are supposed to do at that time. The religious living style of the people has been destroyed because of missing crucial occasions, view here!


In addition, there is the disadvantage of the medical matters. It is hard for the people that suffer from some diseases like the Sleep Disorder and the Cardiac related issues to cope with the change. When it comes to the scheduling of the medical appoints there is a big challenge because of the change in time.